Over Run Events is a running and trail race company. We love running and nature and we love combining the two.

What is Trail Racing

Basically, it has to do with running a race through forests, farms, hills, streams, etc. So, nature. You get the chance to test yourself and your body while enjoying the beauty of nature and fresh air.

What Do We Do?

We arrange events where anyone who wants to can come and take part in trail races or other opportunities. We offer trails for runners, hikers, and horse riders. We create opportunities for people who love exercise and nature, to get out of the city and enjoy a few hours in a different world.

Our History

Over Run Events was established by Joel King about 7 years ago. He built the company up from a small race venue to a full-out trail race event company. He is a very passionate man that loves what he does. He is also a runner and hiker and enjoys testing the trails and making changes himself.

This Blog

Over Run Events found that there are people who don’t know about these events and how great they are. We realised that there is a gap in knowledge and places to learn about trail racing and that is why we started this blog. You will find great tips, great articles, and even safety information to help you prepare for your trail run.

Contact us at support@overrunevents.co.uk today for more information.