4 Benefits of Running in Nature

Trail running has many benefits for both the body and the mind. If you are an avid runner or hiker, trail running is ideal for you. It is something completely different from going for a jog around the block or taking your dog for a walk. It requires so much more and also gives you so much more. Trail running is beneficial as therapy and an escape from the real world.

Trail running…

…gives a more intense workout. Because the trail is not flat, you get a better workout. This is due to your body balancing more, stepping more carefully, lifting your legs higher, etc. You will find that you exercise more and different muscles when trail running compared to running on the road.

…is easier on your joints. Because the surface you run on is softer than asphalt or concrete, your joints get a break. The impact of running on soil or grass is much less than that of running on concrete. It will give your knees, back, and ankles a well-deserved break.

…is good for the brain. It is refreshing to run where you can breathe fresh air and escape the stress and worry of the real world. Trail running requires focus to avoid injuring yourself. It also offers you a unique opportunity to reflect and breathe and allow nature to calm your thoughts.

…is quiet and calm. You can get away from whatever worries you have by simply running. The calm of nature has a wonderful way of calming the human mind and emotions. We are all bombarded with visual and audio stimuli 24-7 and doing a trail run takes all of that away. You only see the beauty and you get to hear what quiet is like.

These are some of the great benefits of trail running. If you are considering taking up this sport, good for you. Be sure that you train and know what your limits are. Most of all, enjoy it!